A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the White House…I Knocked on the Door and a Brother Answered

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“A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the White House,
I Knocked on the Door and A Brother Answered”

Produced by: Michael Colyar and David Lee Roberts
Directed and Written by: Michael Colyar
Edited by: David Lee Roberts and David Hulbert

Internationally acclaimed actor,comedian,motivational speaker and philanthropist Michael Colyar has created a film that highlights President Barack Obama’s tremendous achievements, as well as the Love that people around the world have for him.

photo-18 copyA fast-paced experience, laced with comedy and music, this project comes from the heart of Michael as he honors the memory of his mother, who took great pride in watching the genius of President Barack Obama unfold.

Mr.Colyar feels that there are so many people with disparaging things to say about this amazing,thoughtful, effective and considerate president who stands tall for all Americans that he had to create a vehicle that speaks positively about President Obama’s efforts, challenges,successes and Future Legacy.
With over forty comedians including Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer,Tommy Davidson, Jay Lamont and legendary comic Mr.Dick Gregory and music created by Bootsy Collins, J.Anthony Brown, Daniel Dawson,Kurupt and NinjaMommaLickum to name a few, throw in a couple of politicians, a clergy or two and a handful of your Everyman and you have got an entertaining,enlightening and totally supportive soup of Love served up with a pinch of intellect and a smidgen of ribaldry.

In short,this is a totally biased letter of love to one the Greatest Presidents in the life and times of Michael Colyar…..and his Momma.

This isn’t the story of a Black man who just happened to beat the odds and become America’s first Black President…It ‘s the story of a man who faced seemingly insurmountable odds and not only succeeded but did it with dignity,character and style,did it without his fist balled up and his pants hanging around his ankles,did it while maintaining a sense of humor and calm and DID IT TWICE. It’s the story of a true black male role model whose achievements and success affects the World.

Michael Colyar invites you to be part of the movement….hop aboard this train it’s steamed up and “ret to go”.

Michael Taste of Soul