Feb 25

Welcome to The Real Michael Colyar Webpage!

Kool Skool Corrected Cover 2Welcome to The Official Michael Colyar webpage.

If you are here, you are definately in the right spot for all of your Michael Colyar needs.

Just let yourself explore the tabs cause I am sure you will find what you came for.

(This is my latest book that has been added to the Merchandise tab)

Remember, “Life is a garden if you dig it, and never let anyone steal your rainbow!”

Keep it moving and keep it positive!

Peace and love,

Michael Colyar




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  1. michaelcolyar1

    Thank you for the love and support! My new album was released this week, and I have a 1 hour special on Bounce throughout the month of December. Check me out on ITunes as well. Catch me on FB! God Bless

  2. Dimetrios Vandiegriff

    I really appreciate you, MC! I wish you ALL the Best and continued success!

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Please know that you are appreciated as well.
      Thank you for all of your support man.

  3. Robin Adamson

    How do i get this book miss innocent goes to Kool Skool….

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Please email kellie.mccann@yahoo.com
      your payment can go to officialmichaelcolyar@gmail.com
      $25.00 for book and I will pay for the shipping
      I am out of the country as of Oct 24, 2017
      Send your name address for shipping.

      1. michaelcolyar1

        Actually that is September 24

  4. Kim Holmes

    When will you be coming to new York i would love to buy my tickets now.

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Keep your eyes open on this site…we are in the process of booking shows around the U.S.
      Thank you for checking in.

  5. Angela Hawkins

    Michael when you were in Kansas City in March, 2017, I purchased one of your cd’s and when I got home and played it, there was nothing on there. Can you send me another one? If so, when you respond to this email, I will provide you with my address. Thank you for attention to this matter.

    Angela M. Hawkins
    Kansas City, Missouri

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Make sure it was not a dvd!
      email my Queen kellie.mccann@yahoo.com and she will gladly replace it for you.
      Give her some time, we are leaving the country this week

  6. Ceisi

    Had a great time celebrating my birthday tonight at the funny bone in Richmond short pump…. you were great and going to definitely check out the book n hope the play comes to Richmond so I can check it out….

    Wishing you much success :)

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Thank you for spending your special day at my show! I appreciate that you could have been anywhere on the planet, and you chose to come and laugh.
      Enjoy the book, and let me know how you like it. comicking123@aol.com

  7. ElevatorGuy

    Hi when are you coming back to dc ?

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Just keep an eye out on my site. I love D.C. If you know iof anyone who can bring my One Man Show hit me up!

  8. Carylon Lewis

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show at the Arlington Improv in Dallas tonight!!! Never stopped laughing!!! #theoriginalkingofcomedy

    1. michaelcolyar1

      Thank you for showing great love. I love your city!

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